Nautically Inspired

The Beach Comes to The Grove

Some of the greatest Miami events don’t take place at glamorous hotels or opulent country clubs. They take place at stunning private residences. And, of course, at any such affair, the host and hostess’s interior design could very well be scrutinized as sharply as their outfits or menu selections.

For this condo owned by Luis and Sandra Gonzalez of Guatemala, however, entertaining was not the inspiration behind their interior design. The Grovenor House unit is but one of their several homes, and these coffee plantation owners had their Miami retreat designed for vacation living.

Ugo Columbo’s Grovenor House in Coconut Grove is a nautically-inspired, 32-story residential masterpiece. From the yacht-themed lobby to elevator display screens broadcasting soothing images of swimming fish, Grovenor House’s nautical design is truly unique. So it is befitting that the Gonzalez’s interior design choices emulate this focus.

“We were going for an airy, beachy feel,” said Jan Treese of Before and After Homes. She and partner Leslie Williams deliver turnkey residences by selling, building out and decorating homes for their global clientele, including the Gonzalez family.

A large portion of the unit’s furniture came from the Miami Design District’s Jalan Jalan. “They are fabulous,” said Treese. “And creative director Bruce Platt’s input is invaluable. He has impeccable taste.”

Platt’s impeccable taste is clearly on display in much of the Grovenor House unit. The elegant dining room table has an anthracite finish with zinc inserts, while the surrounding chairs are upholstered in Belgian linen. A matching coffee table with a glass insert and light linen upholstery are in the living room and add to the cool feel.

The living room’s defining piece is a take on an Antique Ming cabinet never seen before in stainless steel form. The eye-catching piece that opens into a bar dominates the area without overwhelming it. It is truly a bold design choice in an otherwise subtle area.

The unit’s three bedrooms include custom-made beds from Palace Furniture, along with accessory pieces from Jalan Jalan. The master bedroom features a stylish yet casual set of chairs finished in sea-foam-colored linen along with nautical lamps from Ralph Lauren. The drapes are linen as well and hang on stainless steel rods.

“The dazzling nautical telescope in the master bedroom is from Jalan,” said Treese, “as is the eye-catching leather desk with bone handles in the third bedroom. That desk is from Jalan’s Brazilian line. The room was designed for the children and has some very cute twin beds from Palace Furniture.”

The marble and fixtures in the bathrooms came with the unit, but the porcelain tile flooring throughout the condo is from Innovative Surfaces in Coral Gables and emulates hardwood flooring. “It’s non-porous, scratch resistant and gorgeous,” said Treese.

Other additions that add to the overall feel are sea shells and sepia prints. Platt and Jalan Jalan provided these accessories as well. “I told Bruce to bring all of his sea shells,” said Treese. “They really work with our overall theme.”

Photos by John Anderson

A simple and elegant concept that compliments a building’s architectural theme – this was the goal of Treese and Williams on behalf of the Gonzalez family, and it was accomplished with the help of Platt and Jalan Jalan.

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