Nightlife Chic: Episode 1

Fashion Faves Late Night at Wall and Wet

Nightlife Chic at W Hotel South Beach

There’s no discounting the influence that Miami’s nightlife industry has on the social scene. Our restaurants and bars, lounges and clubs are beacons that attract people and events from around the globe.

On the top of the nightlife food chain is Michael Capponi, whose nightlife empire has evolved into real estate, philanthropy, politics and much more. His, and partner Michael Martin’s, Thursday night at Wall and Wet at W South Beach is one of the sexiest nights anywhere and the best place to examine the threads that the world’s chicest don for a night out on the town.

SocialMiami’s Sarah Arison was on the scene on a Thursday night in July to launch SocialMiami’s newest web series, produced in conjunction with the Capponi Group: Nightlife Chic.

The ongoing fashion series is sure to be the sexiest content on the web, and an example for late nighters the world over to better understand the looks that make the Magic City the nightlife capital.

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