Nike Pop Up Shop Wows Bar Mitzvah Guests

The entrance to Alec's sneaker-themed event

Imagine creating your own pair of Nike sneakers…as a party favor. We at Chris Weinberg Events are committed to a customized event experience and so we transformed Alec’s love for sneakers into not only his Bar Mitzvah party theme, but also into a shop that gave his guests these kicks in their own favorite style and color-combinations.

Yes, each of the party’s 100 young people got to create a pair of custom Nike sneakers. Thanks to local Nike representatives, every aspect of the shoe was made to order – from the tongue, to the swoosh, to the heel. There were 12 sneaker styles, a large range of colors, and countless jealous adult guests.

Held at the Basement at the Miami Beach Edition, our inspiration for this Mitzvah came from Alec’s love and passion for collectible sneakers. The custom cocktail tables resembled shoe boxes and there was a colorful and interactive Nike iD Station. We also deployed a strolling candy bar entertainer who wore all of Alec’s favorite sweet treats as she sauntered though the party. To eat on the way out? The delicious exit favor of a huge thin-crust slice of pizza. Guests could choose any flavor of Gatorade imaginable from a custom, branded, rotating drink station, which was just one more reason this Mitzvah celebration became the talk of the town.

Alec's Custom Nike Corner
Guests could select a variety of colors and styles for their custom sneaker experience









Thin crust pizza slices were served to guests on the way out
A candy girl walked the party
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