People & Their Pets III

Jennifer Diliz

Jennifer Diliz with Cosmo and Bebo (John Bouma Photography)

Jennifer Diliz is a successful marketing and public relations professional who dedicates her time to community work and has a passion for animals. Jennifer is the proud owner of Cosmo and her rescued cat Bebo.

How did you come up with your pet’s name? I’ve had Cosmo for 12 years now and when I first got him, Sex & the City was the most popular show and the Cosmopolitan Martini was the most popular drink… hence Cosmo… it was my favorite martini. Next doggie’s name will be Vesper! My cat Bebo was named after a friend’s dad’s nickname. My friend’s dad had passed away, but he loved animals so we named him Bebo.

Share with us where you rescued your cat? What is he like, and what made you decide to bring Bebo home? I wanted a dog so I went and got Cosmo, but my rescue is my cat Bebo. I was planning an event at a friend’s house in Pinecrest last December and after a long day of work we ordered take-out. We were driving through the dark streets of Pinecrest to get the food when I saw a small kitten in the middle of the road that looked like it had been hit or run-over and I thought it was dead. I drove two blocks past it when something in my head said, “Go back and check… it’s not dead.” So, of course, I followed my gut instinct and reversed two blocks. I backed up enough so that the high beams would allow me to see whether it was still alive or not, and luckily, the little guy slowly opened and closed his eyes like he was asking for help. I ran out of the car, picked him up and took him to the emergency animal hospital. The poor thing was almost lifeless… the doctor said his brain was so swollen from the hit that he might not be able to make it and that it was a 50/50 chance. I told the doctor I was taking my good 50% chance and asked her to do all that she could to save him. A few days later, he was stable enough that I was able to take him home to continue the medications and the treatment. Mind you, I’m allergic to cats so I figured I would nurse him back to health and find him a good home. But after a couple of weeks there was no way I was giving the little guy away. I was miserable with my allergies that lasted a good four months! But I would do it all over again… I love these guys!

What activities do Cosmo and Bebo like? What commands do your pets understand? Cosmo loves people and hates to be alone and he loves to play fetch with his toy when I come home and he loves to go to the park!! Bebo loves the attention as well and loves to play with his feather stick. Cosmo understands, “Sit for cookie” LOL…and Bebo… well, we’re still working on commands… I don’t know that cats understand commands but, “Get down!” seems to be the one I yell all the time!!!

When did your interest in pets/animals begin and how long have you been a pet owner? I’ve loved pets all my life. When I was a little girl, my grandparents had a German Sheppard named King and I loved that dog! Since then I’ve rescued dogs and cats. Every time I call my mother and start the conversation with, “Ok, don’t get mad…,” she automatically says, “What did you rescue this time?” I’ve had Cosmo for 12 years so I’ve been a pet owner since and I think I’ll have pets for the rest of my life.

About Paws 4 You Rescue

Paws 4 You Rescue is a Miami-based non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization. Its top priority is to save animals from euthanasia at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Rescued animals vary from being sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost. All animals are sterilized, vaccinated and ID micro-chipped to prevent future loss. Some require major surgery from a specialist to repair broken limbs while others may need additional rehabilitation time and specific medical care – ranging from respiratory illnesses and skin infections to cherry eyes and heartworm treatments.

Paws 4 You offers programs for adoption, fostering and senior citizens. Paws 4 You supports its mission by hosting numerous fundraising events throughout the year and through community donations.

Please visit for current information and additional details.

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