People & Their Pets IV

Ozcar G.

Ozcar G. with Lucy, Ceci and Carito (John Bouma Photography)

Ozcar G. is a renowned couture designer based out of Coral Gables with an elite clientele ranging from NY, to the Palm Beaches and Miami. He has a passion for nature, the outdoors and animals. He has rescued several birds and is the proud owner of Lucy, Ceci and Carito.

An average day with your dogs would entail… An average day begins with taking the three dogs for a stroll before giving them their morning treats. Sometimes I’ll take one of them to the boutique and he/she sits around while I get to work on the designs. They’ve become a favorite of some of my clients. And when I get home, all three are ready by the door to go for a walk. Afterwards, we usually spend some time in the backyard playing fetch. Then its dinner time…these pooches love to eat!!! The end of the day entails a stroll before bed time to walk off those fat bellies.

What was the last thing you taught your dogs to do? The last thing I taught the dogs was to sit for a treat! They wouldn’t learn to sew.

If your dogs had the ability to answer just one question, what would you ask and what do you think the answer might be? I would ask them if they are as happy as they seem. I think all three would say, “Yes!” Woof, woof, woof!!!

If you could swap roles with your dogs for a day how do you think they’d handle being you and vice versa? They would love being me and I would love being them, plus they would be the most haute couture dogs in the world! And I would have all the love I need!!!

About Paws 4 You Rescue

Paws 4 You Rescue is a Miami-based non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization. Its top priority is to save animals from euthanasia at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Rescued animals vary from being sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost. All animals are sterilized, vaccinated and ID micro-chipped to prevent future loss. Some require major surgery from a specialist to repair broken limbs while others may need additional rehabilitation time and specific medical care – ranging from respiratory illnesses and skin infections to cherry eyes and heartworm treatments.

Paws 4 You offers programs for adoption, fostering and senior citizens. Paws 4 You supports its mission by hosting numerous fundraising events throughout the year and through community donations.

Please visit for current information and additional details.

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