People & Their Pets VI

Cara Balogh

Cara Balogh with Kobe & Kuma

Cara is married with two teenagers and enjoys spending time with the family. Her 18 year old son, Andrew, is about to graduate from high school and her daughter, Alex, is a high school junior. “I love being active – biking, hiking, skiing and working out. In fact, right now we are all in Colorado hiking with the dogs”.

I was so happy to learn that you have rescued dogs in the past. What was it about them that caught your attention? I’m a life long dog lover regardless of whether they are mine, a friend’s, a relative’s or even a stranger’s. I just love dogs! I think I was born this way. They give you all their love, devotion, loyalty and ask for nothing back except your love and attention.

When did your interest in dogs begin and where did you meet your first Bouvier? I saw my first Bouvier Des Flandres when I was a little kid on vacation with my parents. I knew then that when I was older I would have one. Fast forward a couple decades and one day I received a phone call about a Bouvier that had been abused. It happened to be my anniversary and as it turned out, it was one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. Brie came home with us and we spent our anniversary nursing a sick, nervous dog back to health. Her hair had been shaved to allow the wounds to be stitched. She had severe lacerations all over her body from the Rottweiler who had previously traumatized her. Brie turned out to be my blessing. Once recuperated, she became as close to a soul mate as any dog could be. She seemed to know what I was thinking and had a level of loyalty that transcended even the most dedicated of dogs.

As Brie got older, we decided to get her a companion as we were told that a companion could elongate her life. So we got Kobe. Finding Kobe must have helped as Brie lived until the ripe old age of 15. Kobe has been a blessing as well. He is just a good old boy whose main goal in life is to do what you want him to do and to devour ever piece of food that he can find. A few years ago, we found Kuma who specializes in laying next to anyone in the family that she can find. She loves Kobe…their relationship gives me a lot of joy. They interact like a big brother and younger sister.

If your Kobe and Kuma had the ability to speak, what would you ask them and what do you think that they would say?
Kobe would probably ask, “If I’m your favorite why are you not giving me more treats?!”
Kuma would ask if there is another couch, chair or bed that she could chill out on.

About Paws 4 You Rescue

Paws 4 You Rescue is a Miami-based non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization. Its top priority is to save animals from euthanasia at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Rescued animals vary from being sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost. All animals are sterilized, vaccinated and ID micro-chipped to prevent future loss. Some require major surgery from a specialist to repair broken limbs while others may need additional rehabilitation time and specific medical care – ranging from respiratory illnesses and skin infections to cherry eyes and heartworm treatments.

Paws 4 You offers programs for adoption, fostering and senior citizens. Paws 4 You supports its mission by hosting numerous fundraising events throughout the year and through community donations.

Please visit for current information and additional details.

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