Project New Born’s Sounds of Motown

The fabulous Four Tops wowed more than 500 guests

Alan S. Rosenthal, Drs. Teresa & Eduardo Bancalari
Project New Born’s Sounds of Motown event offered a musical extravaganza to the more than 500 guests who gathered at the Magic City Casino for a –well-magical evening. Not only did the legendary group, who were inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of Fame perform their popular songs but from the minute guests entered the venue the music never stopped.

Musical legend Joe Donato and his ensemble kept toes tapping during the cocktail hour. During this time guests greeted friends, enjoyed an array of delicious hors d’oeuvres, and purchased items from the outstanding silent auction.

Next stop: dinner in the ballroom, where Deco Production donated the stunning décor. Music by The Clique had everyone up and dancing with their fabulous sounds. The music continued during the delicious dinner, which consisted of a tasty salad, wonderful beef ribs and succulent salmon served with a yummy sweet potato soufflé, catered by the magnificent Thierry’s Catering. Dessert was an island of decadence with goodies made by some of the finest chefs in town, including Ana Paz Cakes, Misha’s Cupcakes, The Good Pie Company, The Crepe Maker—and more.

It was during dinner that Schatzi Kassal, the founder of Project New Born thanked the special people who have always been there for the babies at the Schatzi and Stanley Kassal Project: New Born Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami/ Jackson Medical Center Complex.

Schatzi Kassal and Barbara Havenick

Kudos to Maggie Moloney who gave an unexpected $300,000 donation in memory of her dear friend Dr. Frederic Brandt. The evening was dedicated in memory of five people who through the years had done so much for the babies. They were: Peggy Banick, Donald Jacobson, Alejandro Herrera, and Julien and Justin Siegel. “How can we ever thank these amazing people who we miss with all our hearts?” said Schatzi.

Before the main event, auctioneer extraordinaire Bella Goldstein whipped the audience into a buying frenzy during the live auction. Lucky buyers left the event with valuable paintings and jewelry with all proceeds going to the babies. Bravo Bella!

Show Time Folks. The fabulous Four Tops came on the stage with a wild round of applause and managed to delight the audience with the many classic Rock & Roll renditions of their favorite hits. And they didn’t disappoint. They still have the right stuff. (Who can forget hits like: It’s the Same Old Song, Baby I Need Your Loving, Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, to name a few.) Guest gathered at the front of the stage to get a better glimpse of the group and many danced to the great Motown sounds.

How did Project New Born manage to get such a prestigious group to highlight the evening? It’s because of a wonderful experience that Barbara Havenick, the owner of Magic City Casino’s, grandson had in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. After being treated at the unit he went home as a healthy baby with mom and dad. (Did you know that when Project: New Born was started in 1973, a 1-pound preemie had less than 5% chance of survival. Today the same infant has better than an 80% chance of survival!) Havenick was so grateful she wanted to do something special for the charity and offered to bring the Four Tops to their fund-raising event.

Among the luminaries that attended the event were: Coleen and Richard Fain, Commissioner Sally Heyman, Lola Jacobson who was there with her pregnant granddaughter Marissa Toccin Lucas who was one of the first primies in the original Project New Born Unit, and her husband Hal Lucas, Fern and Danny Toccin, Harriet Hammer, Steven Hammer, Stacey Hammer, Laureen Saab, Danielle Blank, Debbie and Max Mussally, Felice Traktman, Shelley Yeckes, Lynn and Paul Leight, Rebecca and Michael Havenick, Barbara Havenick, Dr. Malcolm Dorman, Melanie Cohen, Bonnie Blank, Alan S. Rosenthal, Ellen and Louis Wolfson, and Beth and Larry Zuckerman.

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