Raising the Bar

The bar is and will always be an event’s most popular spot. With that in mind I always like to raise the bar! Whether it be a shot luge or a taco & tequila pairing, enhancing the guests’ bar experience should always be a priority. Here are some of my favorite ways to elevate your bar and beverages.


As they say, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” but today there’s more than one way to take them. Turn taking a shot into an experience with a Shotski, which involves a discarded downhill ski, with several shot glasses placed equidistant apart across the ski’s deck, allowing several people to concurrently down a shot. Shotskis are fun, interactive and draw a crowd to watch. An ICE Shot Luge – sometimes referred to as a martini luge, is sculpted from a large block of ice into any shape, name or brand and has a narrow channel carved through it where the alcohol is poured from the top and chilled by the time it reaches the shot or martini glass at the bottom. I love a Shotski because there’s nothing more fun than throwing down a shot simultaneously with four of your besties. On the other hand, a shot luge adds a little competitiveness as guests will go head to head as the liquor races down the ice.


Mixology is defined as the skill of mixing cocktails and other drinks. How does this differ from a bar tender you might ask? A mixologist can work with your favorite flavors to create something that will wow your taste buds.Guests today want more than a bartender,they want excitement and creativity.They want to be impressed.


We all know how we like our drinks. When talking mojitos, some of us like a little more mint, when taking margaritas some of us like a bit more salt on the rim. Let your guests improve their drink making skills at an attended make-your-own drink station. Guests will be guided by an expert as they choose their preferred fixings and measurements to their perfect cocktail.


During cocktail hour when I’m mingling and catching up with people I love when food appears in front of me. I even like it better when, say, a delicious mini taco is paired with a shot of tequila and a lime or when a slider is paired with a taste of craft beer. Guests will be thrilled that they don’t have to make their way through the masses to a food station or wait in line at the bar.


There is something reminiscent about going up to a slushie machine and filling up your cup with the fruity flavor of your choice. Let’s take this childhood memory and turn it into some adult fun! With cups and straws of all shapes and sizes, guests can choose between some of their favorite frozen cocktails like a classic piña colada or something trendy like a fruity frosé. Top it off with a floater for a little something extra!

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