Social Snapshot: Julisa Fusté

New World Symphony's vice president of development speaks to us in her own words.

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Julisa Fusté is the Vice President of Development for the New World Symphony (NWS), an organization designed to prepare graduates of music programs for leadership roles in orchestras and ensembles around the world. In her 14-year tenure at NWS, she served the institution in various capacities before being tapped to lead the fundraising team in 2021. A lifelong arts lover and advocate, Ms. Fusté shares NWS’s vision of a strong and secure future for classical music and is passionate about making the field more equitable and inclusive.

Ms. Fusté was born in Miami to Cuban parents. She adores her hometown and wants to see it maintain its unique character in this time of rapid growth. Her hobbies include doing crossword puzzles, baking, and fighting the patriarchy.

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