Social Snapshot: Ricky Patel

The law partner and philanthropist speaks to us in his own words.

Ricky Patel is a partner at the law firm of Farrell, Patel, Jomarron & Lopez, where he’s revered for his work in both the legal and philanthropic communities. In addition to handling class-action litigations and crisis management for both celebrities and athletes, Patel represents children and families suffering from the devastation of medical malpractice, helping those affected by cerebral palsy and harmed by pharmaceutical drugs.

Mr. Patel is the youngest person appointed to President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee, which he served on for two years. He also served as an ambassador for the Clinton Global Initiative. He supports charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, VA WA (Violence Against Women’s Act), Haitian Orphanage, American Red Cross and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees.

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