SocialSnapshot: Kira Grossman

The attorney and Voices for Children chairperson speaks to us in her own words.

Kira Grossman is an attorney with a background in family law, including Collaborative Law, commercial litigation, government affairs, and complex legislative initiatives. She currently serves as General Counsel at Sun Packing and is an attorney at Grossman & De La Fuente. Known for helping clients reach their goals, Grossman is committed to resolving disputes and complex issues in an effective, diligent and professional manner.

Prior to joining her current firm, Grossman was a family law attorney for many years and later an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Miami and Policy Advisor for the Miami Parking Authority. She not only helps clients in court but has also successfully represented issues in front of the Florida Legislature and various City and County Commissions. Clients appreciate Grossman for her wide range of legal and business experience and trust her creative methods of resolving challenges. As an attorney and former social worker, Grossman realizes it is important to give back to the community. Grossman joined Voices For Children’s Board of Directors in 2012. She became the Voices For Children Chairperson in 2021.

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