Style Encounter: Joana Davila

Joanna embodies that understated solar Miami style – nonchalant, unconventional, a mix of sexy and gamine, unique yet reassuring. In other words, if she walks into a coffee bar, she is your girl! You want her to come and sit next to you and talk about a movie, a trip, or a pair of shoes, and be best friends at first sight.

Name: Joanna Davila

Generation: Generation Y

Occupation: Creative Consultant

FB – What brought you to Miami?

JD – Sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle

FB – Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

JD – It is not in Miami – The Women’s Center in Danbury, CT

FB – Which article of clothing do you begin with when you get dressed?

JD – Typically I think about what I will be doing for the day and then think about shoes first. The rest is a sort of formula.

FB – You have been living in Miami long enough that . . .?

JD – I have learned to appreciate Ocean Drive for what it is.

FB – What’s Miami’s best kept secret?

JD – Bayfront Park, which was actually designed by Isamu Noguchi, and Lucila’s Vanilla Rum Cake

FB – Do you use public transportation?

JD – I typically drive but if it was convenient for me to use, I would do it. (When I lived in NYC, I loved taking the subway.)

Joana Davila

FB – The one thing Miami is known for, but you have never visited, experienced, done, eaten?

JD – Stiltsville, I have been trying to get out there for years!

FB – The book on your nightstand?

JD – Wallpaper Guide Books to Portugal, where I’m planning to travel in the fall with my husband.

FB – The last time you went to the movies?

JD – I saw Jordan Peele’s film, Get Out, which was incredible. I highly, highly recommend it.

FB – A food you can’t resist?

JD – Rice. I grew up eating it and find it very satisfying, always.

FB – Your signature fragrance?

JD – I actually don’t have a signature per se, but right now I’m loving mostly everything by Maison Louis Marie, especially the Cassis.

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