Suppliment Your Smoothie

Adita Yrizarry-Lang pulls from the shelves ingredients to make you feel and look great

Food is fuel, and our meals should offer us all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. But sometimes our diets could use a little boost and that’s where supplements serve their purpose. They won’t fix poor habits but can power our nutrient-filled plates, getting you to the goal of abundant energy, a healthy body, and a radiating smile! A blood test from your health professional can tell you specifically what you’re lacking. But here, find a few favorites that will only help your fruit and kale smoothies.

Protein: I do love a raw plant-based protein powder. Chose one with no synthetic derivatives or add-ons; simply pulverized raw nuts and seeds that create a powder of protein. These are great for fruit smoothies, providing enough protein to keep you satiated.

Probiotics: Gut bacteria can always use a little supplementing. That’s because we’ve taken antibiotics, eaten processed foods, and maybe – just maybe – had our share of quarantine alcohol. Gut bacteria gets a boost from probiotics.

Fish Oils: Essential fatty acids, these are nutrients that feed the brain and minimize inflammation. For children, this helps growth and learning. For adults, it keeps the brain strong enough so that we don’t lose our keys and can always find our way back home. Essential fatty acids are commonly found in foods such as raw seeds, nuts and wild caught salmon. But if your keys are still missing, try adding in a good quality fish oil. And maybe a key rack.

Vitamin C: Ramping up your vitamin C will keep your immune system strong. Adding in vitamin C rich foods is your first line of defense but during cold and flu season, taking a supplement can boost immunity so much more. Not to mention, if you already have a cold or flu, vitamin C helps you recover quicker.

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