Five Questions for: Jared Lang

Miami-based men’s fashion designer Jared Lang is on fire. With his products sold nationally in Nordstrom, and Stitched, he just launched a deal with Neiman Marcus that will put his lifestyle collection in stores across the country. He’s also launching a fragrance and has opened a stand-alone shop in the Aventura mall. We caught up with Lang and got his answers to our five questions.

How does being from Miami impact your designs? 
Miami is a hotbed of creativity. Everywhere you look there’s color – and that is reflected in my shirts and swimsuits. But then there’s this understated chicness, just because everyone thinks Miami is loud and wild – and it is at times – they forget there’s another side of it now. With the emergence of Brickell and Miami Design District there are parts of Miami which are more than just South Beach. So you get a little bit of everything with Miami. Loud colors, vibrant designs, and then chic black and white. It’s luxury, it’s casual, it’s chic, it’s beachy all in one.

How do you come up with new ideas and can you give us examples of how you apply them to your products?
I find that traveling inspires most of my new ideas. I travel throughout
Europe frequently for work and the art and photography there always leaves me feeling inspired and has been extremely influential in my design process. From color, to texture, to cultural trends, my new ideas almost always stem from my travels.

How do you interpret the term “Miami Chic.” 
You basically have to be ready at a moment’s notice to look good in any setting. A shirt that would fit for a yacht trip over to Kiki on the River would have to look good for 3pm when you set sail, and 2am when you leave the restaurant. On that same note, whether I’m going to a Heat game or a night at the movies at iPic, Miami Chic is just ready to roll for whatever the day or night will bring. Effortlessly cool.

How would a young designer turn an idea into a tangible item?
These days with the internet there’s no such thing as “can’t be done.” If you have a design, if you have an idea, you can connect with someone locally or on the other side of the world who can help you execute it. as I’m talking to you now, I’m in a trade show in NYC. I spend a lot of time on the road meeting with manufactures and distributors. There’s a network that has to be be built – yes. And that takes time. But there’s nothing wrong with a little hustle and hitting the ground and running. You’ve got to promote right? You need people to wear your clothes. And so we have friends and clients posting on social media. We do photo shoots with our models on all of the new collections. Which make sure our website is up to date. We are constantly working with the department stores and distributors. We are in small boutiques, and large national chains. But at the end of the day, it’s the designs, the look, the feel, and then the people that wear Jared Lang that really makes it all possible. I love people that hustle. There are people right now who have a good design probably selling straight from Instagram. Whatever their product is, with a good strategy it can happen. SO I don’t see any limits as what a person can or can’t accomplish.

Who is your own fashion inspiration?
James Dean. He’s a cultural icon with a cool, rebellious style. Everything a guy wearing Jared Lang should feel like.

What book are you reading? What is your favorite movie this year?
I’m a big Marvel nerd so it had to be the Avengers.

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