UNSTOPPABLE by Laura Posada: Four Ways to Overcome the Fear of New Opportunities

Change is the road we must take when we are looking for progress, growth and success.

Life is full of opportunities. It’s up to us to spot them and seize the moment. Sometimes we don’t take advantage of opportunities because we simply fear change, or we are afraid of failure. Change intimidates us, scares us, challenges us and takes us out of our comfort zone. But this doesn’t mean that we should shy away from it staying stuck in situations where we are unhappy or feel unfulfilled. Quite the opposite, change is the road we must take when we are looking for progress, growth and success.

Here are four ways to grab the bull by the horns and make the most of opportunities:

Start with something small and manageable: It’s not about changing your life completely overnight. But you can grasp small opportunities to increase your self-esteem and build up the courage for bigger opportunities.

Think about the worst thing that can happen: We aren’t suggesting that you be negative. Just keep in mind the worst-case scenario, so you can see that it isn’t that serious and that the world won’t end if you fail. Once you accept this, you’ll see that you can take this step more confidently.

Focus on what you can gain if you achieve it: It’s quite simple, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Everything good and worthwhile in life entails effort and risk. If you want to achieve something special, you have to work for it.  Visualizing how your life will improve once you achieve what you want is sometimes all the motivation you need to move into action.

Always keep your eyes open for options: You feel frightened because you believe that you have limited options, when the reality is that the more opportunities you take, the more options you have and the greater ability you have to succeed. Even if you haven’t achieved your goal in the past, you should be persistent and determined as life involves constant change and reinvention.  Today could be just the right time to make your dreams come true!



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