VIDEO: Fashion Faves @ Ornare

Carol Melo has an eye for vintage

Maria Carolina Melo is a Miami woman with tons of style. A graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, Melo is a businesswoman with a philanthropic heart. A native of Brazil, Melo works extensively with the Brazilian Foundation and has taken a leadership role in the organization’s last two Miami galas.

On the fashion front, Melo loves prints and makes bold fashion choices that are fun. Having worked in the fashion industry, Melo admits that she is willing to suffer for beauty and understands that fashion need not be comfortable.

For accessories, Melo has an eye for vintage and enjoys wearing big, chunky jewelry and bold statement pieces. She often attends vintage markets and fairs in search of exclusive pieces.

Melo also has an affinity for hats and brought a wide array to her Fashion Faves taping at Ornare. “When you travel and you put a hat on, the pictures become more interesting and fun,” she said.

Dana Shear, Nicole Lozano, Gingi Beltran, Claudio Faria, Carol Maria Melo, Alicia Lamadrid and Jillian Posner
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