VIDEO: Design Talk

Tui Pranich

Ashlee Harrison and Tui Pranich at Tui's annual holiday party

Tui Pranich is well known and respected in Miami. A Cornell University graduate, Pranich received his degree in architecture and worked at a Boston firm before deciding in 1984 to open his own interior design company.

Though Pranich often travels for work, he considers Miami his home and is very impressed with the city’s growth.

“Miami has changed a lot,” he said. “It’s more international and I feel the city has grown tremendously. If you talk about Miami to anyone around the world, because I travel a lot, people recognize Miami.”

Pranich believes that Art Basel has helped Miami in its evolution and credits the fair for bringing an art culture and making Miami one of the top art cities in the world.

“Art is the most important thing in design,” he said, “more so than furniture. If I had to pick for myself between art and furniture, I would pick art.”

Pranich suggests that art and design do not need to match and recommends that people start their own collections by purchasing one piece of art per year. He also advises to buy art that is affordable and that one loves. He said that good art will always go up in value like another investment.

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