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Social Key Biscayne III

Five Questions for Jaime Ferreyros
Jaime Ferreyros, age 52, captures much of his life through a lens. When the senior writer and producer at Univision’s Deportes – the network’s newly launched sports channel – isn’t filming content for Spanish language viewers, he’s an avid iPhoneographer. Many of his images are scenes from Key Biscayne, where he lives with his wife, Key Biscayne Community School teacher Paloma Ferreyros – while their three children, Paloma (age 26) Alejandra (age 25) and Jaime (age 23) either work or study elsewhere. Ferreyros, however, is busy getting ready for his next photography exhibit in October at the Lunch Box Gallery in Wynwood. We caught up with him and learned a lot about his little known hobby.

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KB Essential: Winnie Pritchett and Amy Zambrano
Zambrano and Prichett have a good view of the statistics and the stories behind them because they founded iPadsforSoldiers.com, a non-profit organization that raises money -- and spends every penny, meaning zero administrative costs – to buy these portable devices for those fighting in the war in Afghanistan. Since 2009, when Pritchett’s son was deployed, the organization has purchased and presented nearly 900 iPads to military members, first targeting those stationed in remote locations – so they could communicate with their families, listen to music and even take college courses.

Pictured: Amy Zambrano and Winnie Pritchett deliver iPads to soldiers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
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Voyages by Brett Graff
Social Key Biscayne editor, Brett Graff, took her talents around the key and snapped some great shots of locals living and socializing.

Pictured: Ana Maria and Alvaro Chaparro at the Rusty Pelican

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VIDEO: Beach at Sunrise
Presented by the Biscayne Nature Center

Beach at Sunrise is modeled after the concluding nature segment on the television show, Sunday Morning on CBS. This piece is the first in a series of shorts that shows the natural surroundings of the Biscayne Nature Center, a fantastical environment located in Key Biscayne. Beach at Sunrise displays the tranquility of early morning at the ocean with the waves gently caressing the sand as algae floats in the current and ducks rest upon the ocean’s edge.

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Five Questions for Isabel Bucaram
Isabel Bucaram is the public relations manager for CNN en Espańol US and the VIP Planning Producer for the network. She is married to Cristobal Schlaubitz and her two children, Isabella Montana (age 11) and Francisco Montana (age 7) attend the Key Biscayne K-8 Center. Born in Ecuador, Bucaram moved to Key Biscayne from Pinecrest in 2008. We caught up with her to hear about her take on life here at home and the news worldwide.

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Essentially Key Biscayne: John White
For Key Biscayne resident John White, hurricane season has a few additional complications. Because while storms threaten all our island’s homes, White’s also happens to be filled with an antique clock collection he’s been building for over 40 years. So each summer, before the tropical seas even think about stirring, White packs up his timepieces — some weighing as much as 150 pounds — and places them into secure locations throughout South Florida.

“I became interested in clocks because they’re mechanical and they’re attractive,” he says. “They do more than tell time. Each one is actually a piece of artwork.”

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Voyages by Brett Graff
Social Key Biscayne editor, Brett Graff, took her talents around the key and snapped some great shots of locals living and socializing.

Pictured: Lesley Hernandez and Carolina Zalles at the Grand Bay Club

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Key Biscayne Essential: Lourdes Jofre Collett
This year marks the 25th anniversary for the Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute and Key Biscayne resident Lourdes Jofre Collett is celebrating. To commemorate the occasion, she’s organizing an event for the community’s most prominent philanthropists. And it’s here that she’ll give them a first look at the renderings and the maquette — before construction begins — for the vast and cutting-edge facility that’s being planned to house the institute. Because if you’re serious about having a world-renowned facility in your backyard, and you’re ready to contribute the kind of money that’s necessary for innovative practices and for procedures that haven’t even been invented yet, well, you may have to choose the pavilion or armory of medical equipment that will bear your name.

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Five Questions for Nancy Levitt Davis
Nancy Levitt Davis, Director of Development at New World Symphony, moved to Key Biscayne from Manhattan in 2003 with her husband Scott. Today they have three kids Spencer (age 8), Joshua (age 6), Bradley (age 4), all attending St. Christopher’s by The Sea Montessori School. We caught up with this working mom to ask her five quick facts about life both here on the Key and off.

What’s your favorite dinner on Key Biscayne?
My new favorite meal is ceviche from Marcelo's truck. I enjoy Sunday afternoons at the beach and the Ritz KB - skinny mojitos or margaritas with chips and guacamole...

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Voyages by Brett Graff
Social Key Biscayne editor, Brett Graff, took her talents around the key and snapped some great shots of locals living and socializing.

Pictured: Randall and Lori Rombiero at the Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne's Mixologist contest to launch Social Key Biscayne

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