Five Questions for Isabel Bucaram

PR Manager and VIP Planning Producer, CNN en Español

Isabel Bucaram
Isabel Bucaram is the public relations manager for CNN en Español US and the VIP Planning Producer for the network. She is married to Cristobal Schlaubitz and her two children, Isabella Montana (age 11) and Francisco Montana (age 7) attend the Key Biscayne K-8 Center. Born in Ecuador, Bucaram moved to Key Biscayne from Pinecrest in 2008. We caught up with her to hear about her take on life here at home and the news worldwide.

What’s your ‘only on Key Biscayne’ moment?
It’s out on my patio at sunset, with my husband and kids. We overlook the bay and watch the boats sail by while the fish jump out of the water. We laugh, sing, dance and really enjoy each moment.

Tell us about a recent highlight you had at CNN.
I bring all the VIPs — presidents, ministers, Nobel prize winners — to our show CALA, which is similar to Larry King’s show. But one of the most important guests I met was Maickel Melameb from Venezuela. As a baby, he was choked by his unbiblical cord and today faces great physical difficulties. Even so, he ran the New York marathon. When I saw the tape of his mother waiting for him at the end, with her arms open, I cried like never before. He made me realize we can all have whatever we want. And that’s what, to me, made him our most important guest.

What do you want us most to know about news production?
At CNN en Español we definitely live the news. Vivimos la noticia!

What’s the philanthropic cause you find most worthwhile?
My brother has diabetes so I support the American Diabetes Association. I’ve danced ballet professionally, so I also support the Cuban Classical Ballet.

What’s your favorite Key Biscayne eatery?
Puntino has the best burrata cheese in the world, let me tell you. And at Novecento, I always get the pear and walnut salad with grilled chicken.

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