A Disciplined Resolution

Fitness Professional Yelena Muchnik Changes Her Routine

By Violette Sproul

The fundamentals of a great fitness resolution story are widely known. They have components of nutrition, fitness and motivation. But when the fitness resolutions are for professional athletes, trainers and fitness competitors, their goals certainly differ from those of the non-professional.

Meet Yelena Muchnik, Advantage personal trainer at The Sports Club/LA Miami. She made her fitness resolutions reality and transformed her already toned figure into a physique fit for competition.

Yelena was a competitive Olympic figure skater for the former USSR, and has a history of pushing her body beyond normal limits. Her success was apparent when she competed last year and pushed herself to achieve superior fitness goals. She lost 8 pounds, gained muscle in her upper body and reshaped her legs. Her secrets and grueling schedule are inspirational to her clients and help them make their own 2008 resolutions reality.

Yelena endured two 40 minute cardio sessions a day in addition to a 40 minute strength training session. “It took a lot of discipline to maintain those workouts,” she says, “but it’s worth it. Training makes my mind clear and enables me to find the energy and strength to face all of life’s challenges.”

Yelena’s nutrition regiment also required discipline. She consumed 7 to 8 meals daily consisting of lean meats, fibrous green veggies, brown rice and almonds, all of which were measured and weighed. Her favorite fitness moves involved plyometrics, interval training, box jumps and sprints.

“I slept 8 to 10 hours per night in order for my body to recover and rebuild,” she explains. “Muscle only rebuilds during sleep, and proper rest is very important for a lean, fit body.”

Yelena inspires and motivates her clients to push themselves harder than they think they can and works to instill discipline with fitness, nutrition and their lives as a whole. She reminds her clients that she is a regular person and everyone can achieve their goals through discipline and focus. Yelena adds, “If you can develop a discipline for eating and training it helps with discipline in all aspects of your life.”

Yelena trains exclusively at The Sports Club/LA Miami at the Four Seasons Tower. The Sports Club/LA Miami has a reputation of being the “urban country club” where Miami’s top movers and shakers train and network. In addition, it’s also where professional athletes train and get trained. Yelena is certified with NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

For more information on training with Yelena, or any of The Sports Club/LA Miami’s personal trainers, call 305-533-1199 or visit the Four Seasons Tower, The Sports Club/LA Miami & Spa at 1441 Brickell Avenue in Miami.

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