A Face Gift

Commissioned portraits by Leonardo Hidalgo

Ana Cristina Defortuna receives a portrait from Leonardo Hidalgo

A moment in time is often more appreciated in retrospect than in the actual moment. A song or a movie can evoke emotion as the subconscious harkens back to a time gone by.

A photograph can have the same effect; but when that photograph becomes a portrait by artist Leonardo Hidalgo, the actual presentation of the piece becomes one of those sentimental moments.

Hidalgo is a rising star with an artistic mindset and demeanor that is transferred from his persona to the canvas. He has created portraits of Golden Age celebrities Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. These pieces adorn the walls of art collectors in Miami and are favorites of interior designers.

The Ecuadorian-born artist was recently commissioned to create portraits of Alejandro Sanz and Mark Anthony, as well as Miami royalty like Ana Cristina Defortuna. The presentations of each of those pieces were conducted in private gatherings with the artist and carried a “wow” factor that will resonate for a lifetime.

Hidalgo’s portraits are not traditional “museum style” dark oil portraits. His pieces are created with an elegant, modern twist.

“I have heard people say that my work has an Andy Warhol quality,” he said. “Anytime I receive a compliment like that, I am honored. Warhol was an inspiration to me.”

Hidalgo’s technique is visceral as he uses his fingers to apply the paint to canvas. The direct connection to the canvas gives his work a powerful punch of popping colors creating an aura of glitz and glamour – characteristics that are similar to Hidalgo’s persona. His medium of choice is acrylic on canvas mounted on wood, which is later covered in resin. The clear coat looks like glass creating vibrancy to the colors.

“Each portrait is more than a reflection of a person’s image,” he said. “I study my subjects closely to identify their personalities, and with each brushstroke and color, I work to bring out the best of that person. I love the eyes. They are windows to the soul and a person’s essence is captured within them.”

Hidalgo works mainly from photographs. A member of his team can photograph a subject anywhere in the world, or an existing photo can be submitted. Hidalgo edits and crops the image to capture the best angle. Sketches are then presented for approval before the actual canvas is painted. The interactive process ensures that clients get exactly what they want.

Hidalgo has been commissioned by politicians, professional athletes, mothers, husbands and celebrities.

He was recently hired by three brothers and a sister to paint a 50th anniversary surprise for their parents. The husband and wife were so touched by the portrait that they flew in from Brazil to meet the artist.

To commission a portrait by Leonardo Hidalgo in time for the holidays, contact his manager Lara Gallardo at Art Invasion for a confidential consultation: 786-217-0130 or artinvasiongallery@gmail.com.

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