A Hometown Filmmaker

David Munro and his film “Full Grown Men”

Yet another Miami-born filmmaker is making a name for himself. Coral Gables’ David Munro’s first feature film entitled Full Grown Men is screening at the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF).

This absurdist comedy is a look at a world where thirty-somethings act like teenagers, a generational statement about the refusal of adult men to pack away childish things. The storyline is a composite of the people and events that influenced Munro as he grew up in South Florida during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

“South Florida is definitely a character,” said Munro. “It’s a place where everyone comes to find the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and that’s what our lead character is looking for – the freedom that he had while growing up. Our art direction went for a timeless Florida feel, and we found what we were looking for in Hollywood. Broward County was very accommodating to us.”

Munro currently lives in San Francisco and could have adapted his screenplay to work in another area, but felt that his story needed to stay true its roots. Additionally, Florida made it economically advantageous. “Florida’s film incentive paid us 15 cents for every dollar we spent,” he said. “That made our decision to film in South Florida a lot easier.”

And Munro was also impressed with what South Florida offered with regard to production. “Most of the crew was from Miami. Our line producer Elayne Schneiderman was amazing in so many ways. Miami crews are very professional. They do a lot of big budget commercial work, and are excited to be a part of an independent feature.”

Much of the film’s talent came from South Florida as well. “The actors down here are very good,” Munro said. “We were blown away and owe a lot of it to Ed Arenas. He handled our casting and found wonderful actors.”

The journey of Full Grown Men comes full circle at MIFF. The screenplay originated from the experiences of a South Florida native who came home to produce and now screen his story mere blocks from the house where he was raised. It’s the film festival experience in its purest form and a testament to both Munro and his hometown.

Miami International Film Festival

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