A Tribute To Pedro “cuban Pete” Aguilar

Pedro “Cuban Pete” Aguilar, “King of the Latin Beat,” made his mark at the dawn of the Mambo craze in New York’s famous Palladium Ballroom. He invented scores of dance movements now viewed as standards of Latin dance. A catalyst for social change in the entertainment and social arenas, Cuban Pete was the first “man with a tan” to dance with a white woman onstage as early as 1951 when he danced with Millie Donay and ushered in one of the first instances of integration on the dance floor. In his career, he performed in movies, television, stage, and danced for American Presidents, heads of state and dignitaries, as well as served as choreographer and consultant for the film, “Mambo Kings.” We will miss “Mr. Mambo,” who passed away at age 81.

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