Belen Students Build A Bridge

Students return from Mission Trip where they built a bridge in a remote village in the Dominican Republic. The quote by St. Ignatius of Loyola, Go forth and set the world on fire can best describe the group of individuals that decided to use their summer vacation to accomplish an incredible feat. Sixty-five students from Belen Jesuit joined alumni, students from Our Lady of Lourdes Academy and Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart, Jesuit Father Frank Permuy, engineers and medical staff on the annual Belen Youth Mission trip. This year the group headed to La Piragua Abajo, Dominican Republic where they built a bridge and established a make shift clinic. The purpose of the 10-day mission was to serve the poor and deliver medicines, mostly vitamins and building tools used in the construction of the bridge. Pictured: Students taking part in Belen Jesuit’s 2013 Belen Youth Mission Trip pose for a picture while holding building tools.

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