TODAY Chapman Partnership’s REFLECTING RESILIENCE Summit

Featuring global advocate Nancy G. Brinker, Emmy-Award winner Laurie Jennings, chef Michelle Bernstein and Chapman CEO Symeria Hudson.

Emmy Award-winner Laurie Jennings

In a time of adversity, Chapman Partnership brings an afternoon of hope and encouragement to the community with its Reflecting Resilience summit, presented by Womenade, a group of women from all walks of life who are committed to the mission of increasing awareness and revenue for Chapman Partnership.

Breast cancer advocate Nancy Brinker
In an effort to keep our community safe, the 11th Annual Take A Walk in Her Shoes Vintage Fashion Show was reimagined using an innovative approach to connect with our community over the topic of resilience.

On Tuesday September 1 at 2 p.m, Nancy G. Brinker, Global Cancer Advocate Founder of Susan G. Komen and Co-Founder of Promise Fund of Florida, will give a keynote address on her experience in building a strong brand and global movement for Breast Cancer awareness and then six-time Emmy Award winner Laurie Jennings will lead a Q & A session featuring Chapman Partnership President and CEO Symeria Hudson and renowned chef Michelle Bernstein, who will have a Special Cameo Conversation with Adrienne Arsht . Hudson will speak about how Chapman Partnership has managed to maintain the health and safety of over 800 individuals and families while Bernstein will share how the food and beverage industry has been impacted, and the creative approaches to navigating unchartered waters during a global health pandemic.

Chapman CEO Symeria Hudson

“As an organization whose mission is to empower those experiencing homelessness, we witness resilience in our residents every day,” said Hudson. “We know that what our community needs right now is a chance to come together and be a part of motivating conversations and receive inspiration from distinguished trailblazers like Ms. Brinker.”

Brinker is regarded as the leader of the global breast cancer movement. Her new and revolutionary fundraising initiative, The Promise Fund, connects cancer care providers with vulnerable populations in South Florida – people in financial need and those who have moved to Florida from Puerto Rico and other areas following devastating hurricanes. It’s this outstanding philanthropic commitment and compassion for those in need that earns Ms. Brinker the 2020 Trish Bell Lifetime Achievement.

Chapman’s Reflecting Resilience Summit, Tuesday September 1, 2020, 12:3o p.m. to 2 p.m., tickets are $25, click here to reserve online.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Arlene Peterson at To learn more about Chapman Partnership, please visit

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