Five Questions for Jason Atkins

Jason Atkins
Luxury condo living is a social way of life and a major component of Miami. International buyers purchase second, third and fourth homes in the Magic City and look for turnkey decorating options.

SocialMiami caught up with Jason Atkins from Miami-based Tui Lifestyle to learn about him and his growing company.

How long have you lived in Miami and why is Tui Lifestyle a brand that can thrive here? 
I have lived in Miami since 2002. Tui Lifestyle is ideal for Miami because we provide our customers with a luxury turnkey designer home in as little as 72 hours.

What are some new things that we can expect from Tui Lifestyle and how has the brand evolved?
Tui Lifestyle is always evolving designs so we can bring our customers the latest in luxury modern living. Our design options have steadily grown into over 13 collections and over 1000 in-stock designer furniture, furnishing, and accessory items to choose from for your home.

What are some elements that you love about the Miami lifestyle?
Miami is an international city where you can meet interesting people from all over the world.

What restaurants do you frequent in Miami and why?
Zuma – great food, great people, simple luxury.
Macaluso’s – I am from south Philly and I love Italian.

Where do you see Tui Lifestyle in the next 10 years?
I see Tui Lifestyle as the new standard for luxury home décor. Tui Lifestyle will have stores nationally and internationally which allow consumers to live a luxury designer lifestyle no matter where they live: Paris, London, Rome, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other top 20 cities worldwide.

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