Foodie Find: LPM Restaurant & Bar

The French Riviera-inspired brasserie has unveiled an immersive and theatrical cocktail menu. PHOTOS COURTESY OF LPM RESTAURANT & BAR

The Eugene, with D'usse Cognac VSOP, Martini Rubino, Mandarin Napoleon, Sandalewood and salted prunes is presented with an edible rice paper theater ticket.

LPM Restaurant & Bar – with seven locations including Miami, Dubai and London – has grown accustomed to its worldwide acclaim for high-quality dining, superior service and approachable atmosphere. So the team here took a year to go behind its own bar and elevated the libation offerings, which are now as artistic and extravagant as the personality from which they were inspired. Creating a cocktail menu narrating the life of French artist Jean Cocteau, whose work is displayed on the restaurant’s walls, the newly revealed “Recipes for our Friends” menu mixes premium spirts with inventive and luxurious touches found likely only within this brasserie’s elegant, crystal stemware.

The menu is divided into four chapters, each depicting highlights of Cocteau’s journey as an artist and bon vivant whose friends included Pablo Picasso, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin and Louis Cartier. It begins with Cocteau as a young poet spending summers in Maisons-Laffitte a town just outside of Paris lined with Linden trees. The drinks in this category have a lower-alcohol content but are high on flavor and extreme in presentation. The Linden Alley arrives with a warm towel soaked in the Linden essence, so the drink’s flavors – of Saint Germain, Suze, sour Linden Tea — are enhanced with the refreshing aroma of essential oils. The 1889 Americano is mixed with Martini Ambrato, Suze, toasted pineapple and vanilla. And the Eugene is mixed with D’usse Coognac VSOP, Martini Rubino, Mandarin Napoleon, Sandalwood and salted prunes. Dedicated to Cocteau’s grandfather, who supported his passion for the arts, it’s served with an edible theater ticket resting on the lips of the glass.

The Hotel Welcome chapter represents Cocteau’s time in the French Riviera circa 1920s, where he’d visit with the likes of Coco Chanel and would later describe the years as “the best moments” of his life. The Trinity cocktail of Bacardi Ocho, cacao, strawberry, Islay Honey water and bitters contains flavors each embodying one of the three precious metals of the Cartier Trinity ring of white, yellow and rose gold. Just as the ring’s bands appear to float, this drink is served in a levitating glass inspired by a dream Cocteau had about the galaxy. Room 22, which was his personal favorite at the hotel, is a drink mixed with Absenthe and created to share. And the Lettre à Coco is inspired by Chanel No. 5 and is vodka with notes of Jasmine, bergamot and rose. It arrives with an envelope stamped with wax and containing a written note.

The Trinity cocktail arrives levitating and is mixed with ingredients representing the precious metals of the Cartier Trinity ring.

The Villa Santo Sospir was a hillside villa with white walls on which Cocteau would create frescos. The libations begin with the Pablo – chosen for his friendship of Pablo Picasso – which is poured with Bombay Sapphire, tarragon, orange and drops of mint cordial that float and are added with precision requiring a medicine dropper. The Beauty & the Beast is made with vodka, Saint Germain, Yellow Chartreuse, strawberry and Fennle Cordial, and the Orphée poured with Bombay East and other Mediterranean touches.

The Pablo is named for Pablo Picasso and is mixed with Bombay Sapphire, tarragon, orange and mint cordial.

It finishes with the Milly-la-Forêt, a collection of serious yet sweet and playful dessert drinks. The Criquet de Milly has white cacao, peppermint liquer and coconut sorbet and the Tuesday Escape is made with Calvados, Frangelico, Cointreau and apple shrub — a creation inspired by the apple tart. The Hommage has D’usse Cognac VSOP, Martini Rubino, cherry heering, coffee and cacao nibs.

The Hommage is mixed with D'usse Cognac VSOP with Martini Rubino, Cherry Herring, coffee and cacao nibs.

With these mixed masterpieces, you can also enjoy nibbling on the restaurant’s famous fare. Don’t miss the escargot with butter made of 14 ingredients including tarragon, parsley, and fennel. Also try the burrata with cherry tomatoes and basil, the poivrons marinés a l’huile d’olive, which are sweet marinated peppers. Don’t miss the the frites with garlic and rosemary or the carpaccio de saumon with guacamole.

The Pablo

2 ounces Bombay Sapphire
pinch of fresh tarragon
squeeze of orange
Mint Cordial
Use a medicine dropper to place blue colored olive oil infused with herbs de provence

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