Foodie Tribe Takes Miami

A panel of experts serves up tasty information on marketing and influence

Panelists of experts on foodie influences and social media

My company CIM Consulting was honored to have partnered with FoodieTribe and we put together an evening of panels surrounding the themes of foodie influences and social media. There were 100 people there, a huge hit indeed — mostly influencers, bloggers and a variety of businesses hoping to expand their social media and marketing reach. We were starving for this information! We wanted to know: What are restaurants looking for? How and why they pay influencers?  How do we keep up with changing algorithms?

Well good news: we are now armed with this information and here are a few key takeaways from the event from some of our guest speakers.

“Social media is a community and we are proud to help out. Word is spread through social media, which is why it is important for us to work with the community” – Yves Arispe (@gentlemanyves)

“Business owners want people to see creative and engaging content. And that is what makes me want to go somewhere a fellow influencer posts about.”- Yulia K. (@happychoicelife)

It was a food event, afterall…. Lime served us Chips and Dips, we had delicious ceviche shooters from Baby Jane, empanadas from Chef Chris Valdes, an assortment of charcuterie and cookies from Florida milk topped off with Cocktails from Coconut Cartel.

It was such a hit we are already planning our 2020 event for April.

CIM's Cristina Mas and Katy Patao
Chips and guacamole provided by LIME
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