Foodie Find: Toro Toro

The swanky downtown spot offering Latin flavors in a modern and rustic setting.

Chicharron de Camarones

Toro Toro is the downtown swanky spots to sip and dine that’s — from a visibility perspective —hidden in plain sight. Tucked into the centrally located yet highly iconic InterContinental Miami, the restaurant and lounge has the potential to fly outside an unknowing radar. Meanwhile, insiders are enjoying the modern and rustic space of rich woods mixed with contemporary touches of brass, leather and marble — a farmhouse feel elevated to meet the luxe expectations of Miami’s downtown execs. (Continued….)

Guacamole with smoked paprika chicharron, bacon and queso fresco


The food is prepared with Latin flavor. You won’t want to miss the Chiharron de camarones of crispy shrimp, aji amarillo and avocado. The Guacamole is a presentation culinary captivation, as the fresh avocado is first mixed with the usual cilantro and onion but then covered with thick cubes of bacon and served with plantain chips and flanked with large smoked paprika chicharron. The charred grilled wings arrive tasting of flames, the preparation not overpowered by the kimchi sauce.  And the churrasco sandwich is thick with beef, provolone and garlic aoli. The baby kale caesar is also served in spectacular fashion, with fresh greens, grilled corn manchego cheese and jalapeno ranch.


Charred grilled wings.


Baby kale cesura with corn, amanitas, manchego cheese.


Chef Jean Delgado
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