Foodie Find: ZUMA

The contemporary Japanese cuisine is expertly crafted and consistently served amidst a well-dressed crowd.

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Sliced seared tuna with chilli daikon and ponzu sauce.

Zuma is excitingly steadfast in its ability to deliver a chic and delicious dining experience. The London born restaurant preparing contemporary Japanese cuisine is expertly seasoned at crafting mouth-watering menu items and serving them amidst a consistently well-dressed crowd. The venue itself is also draped in elegance, with double-high ceilings and a huge open kitchen accessorized with stone, metal and a towering wine wall showcasing countless vintages through a seemingly endless, glass wall.

Zuma’s approach is inspired by izakaya-style style of dining, in which dishes are brought to the table throughout the meal. Starting with a sashimi, choose from the classics such as Hamachi (yellowtail) and sake (salmon,) which here are elevated in quality and preparation. Or try a sophisticated cut, such as Hokkaido scallop or Suzuki (sea bass,) which is flavored with truffle oil. Also find a sophisticated selection of maki rolls. The Pirkara Hamacihi Maki is prepared with thin and flavorful slices of spice of serrano peppers a sprinkling of herbs and the Chirashi Maki is a bouquet of fresh fish – salmon, tuna, seabass and yellowtail – rolled with with avocado and yuzu kosh mayo.  There’s also salmon and avocado with tenkasu and kizami wasabi and fatty tuna with finely diced scallion. All of them can be elevated by adding Siberian caviar.

Spicy fried tofu, avocado and Japanese herbs.

Don’t miss the the prawn and black cod dumplings served in half slices that reveal their savory, seafood centers. There’s also fried softshell crab with wasabi mayonnaise and Wagyu Gyoza with truffle ponzu. The seared tuna loin is prepared with perfectly braised red onions and the crunchy treat of chili daikon. Similar selections include salmon and tuna tartare, beef tataki with picked daikon and black truffle, and seared salmon with lime-soy, black sesame and mustard miso.

Seeing all the specialties from the sea, it could be tempting to skip the salads but the spicy fried tofu is special, with a paper-thin coating that’s perfectly seasoned and served with avocado and Japanese herbs dressed with the zing of lime. Also offered is fresh watercress and avocado with wasabi and cucumber and steamed baby spinach with sesame.

The robata grill – meaning food is grilled at varying speeds – is cooking some of the menus hottest dishes including skewers of kurobuta pork belly and a list seafood selections such as grilled scallops thick and glazed with pickled plum, shiso and mentaiko butter. The beef here is high end, including a rib eye with chili ponzu, a wagyu tomahawk with fresh wasabi and black truffle and a beef tenderloin that’s spicy and topped with sesame.

Don’t skip dessert. The signature selection is a chocolate lava cake stamped in gold with the restaurant logo and spilling with a rich, warm center.

Spicy yellowtail roll with serrano pepper, avocado and wasabi mayo.
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