Letter from the Editor

Today we've canceled our weekly calendar listings (stay home please) and instead deliver the work of our A-list contributors

Dear Socializers,

We at SocialMiami hope today’s newsletter finds you safe and healthy, and we’re happy to appear in your inbox.

While we’re still operating as usual, and believe SocialMiami’s electronic communications are more important than ever, we have for today canceled our weekly calendar listings (stay home please) and are instead bringing you the work of our A-list contributors.

Manny Hernandez has been capturing the city until socializing slowed, and you can find today his colorful photos from the Vizcaya Preservation Lunch, the Miami Film Festival and more.

Isa Peña, a graduate of Ransom Everglades School and a girl we at SocialMiami have known since toddlerhood, has won a slot on American Idol this week. We’re giving you a glimpse into what you’ll see Sunday, so take a look and support from your sofa.

And Elizabeth Resnick is ready to help you partner with SocialMiami, and today you can see her socialize in her column, By Day and By Night.

We are working to adjust our calendar so socializers and supporters know when an event is canceled or postponed and, in those cases, the new dates when they are available. If you have a listing in our calendar or Gala Guide, we will once again begin publicizing the event for its rescheduled date.

Today and throughout the week, the ballrooms are closed but we’re bringing to your bedrooms, kitchens and home offices pieces from our contributors and news sources, so you can see the social scene through your electronic screens.

Next week, we have SocialEyes columns to bring you from Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens and from Friends of South Florida Autism. They’re gorgeous events and will remind you of South Florida’s philanthropic strength.

Each of you is a member of the SocialMiami network, which we consider Miami’s philanthropic family, and we want you to know that we’re here to help deliver your updates. Whether you need changes on our calendar, Gala Guide, Social Season Preview or Events-of-the-Week, please don’t hesitate to phone or write. We’ll do our best to record them immediately.

Thank you and we, like you, are waiting patiently – and hopefully healthfully – for this situation to resolve.

Let’s all stay safe.




Brett Graff, Editor-in-Chief

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