The Lopez Lens: Spotlight on Tamara Beliard Rodriguez

The television executive and philanthropist focuses on giving back and getting her family involved.

Tamara B. Rodriguez, Valeska Valencia, Constance Jones, Lisa Lee & Hermine Belliard

Tamara Beliard Rodriguez is an entrepreneur and author and co-owner of Island TV, a Miami based television network with over 25 years on-air offering news and entertainment programs in Haitian Creole, French and English.  Under Beliard Rodriguez’ leadership, the network is now in 15 Caribbean islands and is fully digital. A much anticipated Caribbean cook-out television show is in the works with the first season launching this summer. Beliard Rodriguez a CPA who has also written children books. But the mother of two beautiful teenage girls, who says she feels strongly about elevating her own Caribbean culture, also says that giving back to her community as a family is the best way to inspire the next generation of volunteers and philanthropists.  In fact, Beliard Rodriguez co-founded the Caribbean Community Cares Foundation with that fundamental principal in mind.

Tatiana Arteaga-Teo, Symeria T. Hudson, Tamara Beliard Rodriguez, Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Marile Lopez

Her most recent endeavor was co-chairing the “Take a Walk in Her Shoes” luncheon benefiting Chapman Partnerships.  Beliard Rodriguez and her five dynamic co-chairs, Ariel Penzer, Tatiana Teo, Brigid Samole, Trish Bell and myself included, helped raise over $320,000, secured over 1000 new volunteers and countless hours of future service and awareness for Chapman Partnerships.

I sat down with Beliard Rodriguez and asked her how she manages to be Superwoman-mom of two; TV host; board member at three charitable organizations, author and health & wellness ambassador for her community.  A soft spoken, elegant lady with a passion for many causes,  she smiled and said, “Let me tell you why.”

Marile Lopez: Why do you give back to your community?
Tamara Beliard Rodriguez: I give back because I believe that too much is given, much is expected.  I have been blessed with so much love and opportunities and I feel that it is important to give back.  So as much as I can, I give back.

ML: You well-known within the Haitian-American community.  How did you know this was your “calling”?
TBR: I come from a family that has always been active in the community and works towards uplifting the underserved and underrepresented.  I feel good when I empower someone to reach their full potential or when I help someone feel loved and appreciated.  I always say that is being an accountant is my profession, but giving back is my passion!”

ML: What words of wisdom would you tell young women who are now coming into their careers and family about “balance?”
TBR: Balance is a very tough skill to master! I think it is important to prioritize and focus on your top 2-3 goals.  In my experience, it is very difficult to do it all and expect all of it to be done perfectly!

ML: Why did you choose to volunteer and support Chapman Partnerships?
TBR: Chapman Partnerships believes in transitioning from homelessness to a permanent home with dignity.  I love the Chapman pillars and wanted to be more involved with organizations in Miami-Dade County.

ML: What was your biggest take away from the TAWIHS luncheon?
TBR: The testimonials from the Chapman residents were so beautiful!  It was an afternoon of fun, networking, fundraising, but also an afternoon that connected all the attendees to the authentic impact of the organization.

ML: Tamara Beliard Rodriguez it was an honor to co-chair with you, and an even bigger honor to become your friend….on to next year’s Take A Walk in Her Shoes, when Tamara and her dynamic co-chairs will be at it again, raising funds, raising awareness and raising lots of smiles for all the residents at Chapman Partnership.


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