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Emily Zubi and Marile Lopez

Recently I had the honor of being interviewed on SPOTLIGHT a new show produced by Emily Zubi, founder & CEO of “Miami Women Who Rock.” Zubi, a sales and marketing guru, happens to have some serious credentials when it comes to television production. She was instrumental in launching MTV for Latin America and afterward, went on to launch 10 other networks including Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, HBO Latin America before founding her own media company. Emily is the Author of “99 Tips and Inspirations on Starting a Business” and was featured on Wall Street Radio. Her tagline is “Rock your Health, Rock the World.” Always a community activist, Zubi was one of the first Hispanic Women to infiltrate Wall Street, where she trained MBA Executives at Goldman Sachs in presentation and sales skills.

Because Zubi’s passion is to empower women and motivate them to rebuild their lives, many of her programs honor and profile women and their families in the Miami community. Women supporting women is not just an idea but a way of life for me. As a mother of five – including two young women — I encourage my daughters to advocate for and encourage other women. We must lift each other up and be there with a helping hand, a smile or a hug. It can make a difference not only in one person’s life but also to all the people surrounding them.

On SPOTLIGHT, Zubi and I talked about faith, family, fashion, philanthropy and the importance of strong friendship bonds-specially between women. A Latina struggling to be successful in a man’s world, Zubi graciously shares the lessons she has learned to help other women’s lives and careers flourish.

The three lessons are:

Role Models, Women Icons & Mentoring are Key to Success
So much of the woman am I owe to my Mother Miriam and my Mother in law, Tere.

My mother began a second career at the age of 35. She was an insurance sales agent for Prudential and within the first year ranked as the top 5 percent. I was 15 years old at the time and every Saturday morning she would hand me a stack of 20 to 25 index cards with names and phone numbers and told me to get as many appointments as I could for the following week.

“Confidence is the thing you had before you knew better”-I did not know I was cold calling but practice makes perfect and I became extremely good at it.

My mother-in-law, Tere Zubizarreta what is one of the most caring, giving, dynamic &  incredible business woman I have ever met. Her story of how she came from Cuba and ended up starting Zubi Adverting as one of the most successful advertising agencies in the U.S. is so inspirational.

Today I focus on the mentoring I receive from our Founders Circle and I am empowered up by their stories. It is also why that is one of the first questions I start with in every SPOTLIGHT one on one interview.


Giving Back is good for the soul and spiritual growth never stops.
Becoming a woman of substance begins with faith and living in God’s grace.

Age is but a number but attitude is everything. Making my first million dollars in my 40s was a temporary career high but presenting a check at the Day of Caring event for breast cancer awareness was life changing …as I looked at over 400 mostly survivors in the audience my heart changed forever.  This has been so critical in our growth at Miami Women Who Rock because “we are a network of women and business that believe in giving back”. Giving back is that core value that binds us.


Lean in to your story, embrace the pain that made you strong.
Every woman has a story. I am Puerto Rican, grew up in Jersey City, my family was very much hard-working blue-collar and I was the first to go to college.  Our home was an emergency foster home and at one point had as many as 12 kids.  We learned to share whether it was the last piece of bread or cereal box and  “hand me downs” were a way of life.

Those times as challenging as they were going through them made me strong filled with perseverance and a beautiful sense of humanity.

What I saw kids go through at a very early age has filled me with a sense of responsibility and I love working with charities like Branches, Kristi House and Chapman Partnership that make a difference in a child’s life.

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