Marlins Will Soar

Scott Stapp Creates New Marlins’ Anthem

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys look out. Although their “Empire State of Mind” single used by the Yankees was thought to have set the bar for baseball anthems, the new Marlins theme song “Marlins Will Soar” by local Creed frontman singer/songwriter Scott Stapp may top ‘em. The song is already being hailed as a “home run” and on its way to being a smash hit.

In 2009, the Marlins had super hot rapper Pitbull pen and sing the team’s popular theme song “Marlins Time to Represent.” Now for 2010 season, the Marlins have enlisted Stapp. In fact, at the Marlins’ home opener, there was an amazing musical treat for the fans. After Stapp belted out the National Anthem, the Marlins surprised the crowd by unveiling its new 2010 theme song and video, which is a montage of Marlins players making terrific plays, interspersed with Stapp singing from his recording studio located in his South Florida home. The new Marlins’ song is based on Stapp’s hit, “You Will Soar.”

Instrumental in this exciting collaboration is Miami power player Allison Weiss Brady, who brokered the deal.

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