Remembering Paul DiMare

By Jennifer Valoppi | Women of Tomorrow President & Founder

It is with a broken heart that the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program mourns the passing of our friend, patron and generous supporter, Paul DiMare.

Paul was a man of great compassion, wisdom, and courage. He spoke his mind, stood up for what he believed in and turned his father’s business selling vegetables out of a pushcart in Boston, into the largest grower/supplier of fresh tomatoes in the United States. His passion and vision for agriculture made him a nationally influential expert in the field.

He was a true embodiment of the Women of Tomorrow philosophy that you can come from anywhere and be anything you want, if you are willing to work hard for it.

Paul was a wise advisor to many, and my husband Christian De Berdouare and I were fortunate to share numerous happy occasions with Paul and his beloved wife Swanee.

Our community is forever changed for the better because of Paul & Swanee. Our hearts go out to Swanee and their entire family as we mourn the passing of a man whose mark will be felt by many, many generations to come. Paul was 81 years old.

With Deepest Sympathy.

Jennifer Valoppi
Founder & President
Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program

Don Browne, Jonathan Green, Jennifer Valoppi, Jordan deBerdouare (front), Betty Amos, Marisa Toccin, Malou Perricone, Jon & Nancy Batchelor, Swanee & Paul DiMare, CBS4's Lisa Petrillo & Antonio Mora
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