SocialMiami Driver: Jaguar Electrifies

Featuring Selen Arditi, Elizabeth Resnick, and Chris DiSchino

When it comes to car-buying, luxury realtor Selen Arditi has two requirements: the vehicle should be both electric and luxurious. Living in Miami, she knows car-charging stations are everywhere – including her favorite supermarket — and a great way to avoid gas lines. And working here, she and her husband — developer David Arditi — are constantly transporting clients to high-end homes in a car that’s best aligned with those exclusive properties.

“It’s not about impressing,” says Arditi, “it’s about comfort, quality, and being able to go long distances.”

That’s why Arditi — along with the droves of Miamians with an eye for both luxury and sustainability — is heading to the Jaguar Electrifies tour in Wynwood that ends Sunday evening. There, the luxury car-maker is offering test drives of it’s first electric SUV, the I-PACE on a SmartCone course offering countless routes in one drive. What’s more, the convention center — piped with sexy sounds, shiny cars and a dimly lit — is also displaying race cars of Jaguar’s electric racing series. “The Electric Lounge,” meanwhile, features cutting-edge products and technologies, including robots that interact with people, digital picture frames and virtual reality experiences. There’s also a delicious selection of the area’s best eats including tastefully displayed treats from The Salty Donut, 222 Taco, Crumb on Parchment and Michelle Bernstein Catering.

Elizabeth Resnick, who came by herself on Friday and then again with her three sons on Saturday, was delighted to hear the Jaguars were on display. The mother and marketing executive is also the president of several local charities and has concerns about her carbon footprint. What’s more, she has fond memories of Jaguar, as when she first started dating her husband — neurologist Dr. Steven Resnick — she remembers his mother had a powder blue model with a custom interior.

“I loved going to lunch and getting to know her in that beautiful car,” she recalls fondly, some 18 years later. “I love that Jaguar is introducing an electric model. I want to be proactive and have a car that’s as beautiful as our earth.”

Miami attorney Christopher DiSchino, meanwhile, is over the next few weeks helping his girlfriend shop for an SUV. The lawyer who provides operational support for creative business — his clients work in fashion, art and design — drives a sports car. So the couple now needs a vehicle with space to transport their yoga mats, their surfboards, their paddle boards and the wardrobe changes that go along with such activities.

“I am deeply committed to seeing Miami thrive as a hub for start-up and creative businesses,” says DiSchino. “Keeping Miami’s environment pristine will be a key factor in attracting talented people and businesses to move to Miami. Making eco-friendly moves, such as using electric vehicles, will keep Miami headed in that direction, not only improving our carbon footprint but improving the city as a whole.”

Mana Wynwood Convention Center
318 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127
Sunday, November 11, 8:30am-4:30pm

For a test drive register here.

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