Style Encounter: Maryjane Claverol

Maryjane is the humble and understated person that you find at the coffee shop minding her own business, yet she stands out for her bright eyes, and you want to be her friend. She emanates rays of trustworthiness and, after you interact a bit, you know you want to spend more time with her because of her pearls of wisdom mixed with a good laugh or two to draw you in. That’s more or less how we met, and when you see her in her element, alternatively in her studio or with her daughter at the park, she is exactly how she is depicted in these pictures. No “social media persona” – you get the true Maryjane, a rare find.

Name: Maryjane Claverol

Generation: (I am not asking the age, but the generation that defines her style) – “I am very proud to be in the first batch of millennials.”

Occupation: Artist-Designer.

FB – What brought you to Miami?

MC – The sun, the easy going people, the ocean and business.

FB – Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

MC – I practice my own karma-charity on a daily basis, I am not the kind of person to work with a big organization. I am more of an everyday helper to anyone who crosses my path. It’s more real. Charity doesn’t need a label.

Maryjane Claverol
Maryjane Claverol

FB – Which article of clothing do you begin with when you get dressed?

MC – I always try to find the top part first. As an A-shaped-body type, I find it very challenging to balance the volumes of my body. And since I am a trouser kind of person, for me it is difficult to find the right top. I know it sounds weird, but the shoulders are a very important part of my body, and they are key when I see myself in front of the mirror, so finding the right top is my morning challenge.

FB – You have been living in Miami long enough that . . .?

MC – Sometimes feels like a Thanksgiving turkey without the stuffing.

FB – What’s Miami’s best kept secret?

MC – When I feel nostalgia from my beloved Barcelona, I go get Gambas al ajillo at Barceloneta (1400 20th Street) in Miami Beach.

FB – The one thing Miami is known for, but you have never visited, experienced, done, eaten?

MC – I feel like the biggest sinner in the Church, as I have not visited the Faena yet. I know, I am not of the cool school!

FB – A cat or a dog person?

MC – Dogs, always.

FB – The book on your nightstand?

MC – Any by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

FB – The last time you went to the movies?

MC – December, 2013 – Blue Jasmine, a romantic date before New Year.

FB – A food you can’t resist?

MC – My mum’s Oxtail Stew.

FB – Your signature fragrance?

MC – This I keep secret!

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