Style Encounter

Meet Isabella Stanzione

If you attend fashion productions in Miami, you surely have attended at least one that Isabella Stanzione produced. She is so busy that we had to shoot her pictures backstage. The same way she is behind-the-scenes for work, Isabella moves like a kitten when you meet her, soft spoken and simply, stylishly dressed for every occasion. She is one of those rare mythical creatures born in Miami that embody the “other side” of the Miami style that I long to portray in this encounter.

Name: Isabella Stanzione

Generation: (I am not asking the age, but the generation that defines her style) – Generation X is the answer.

Occupation: Fashion Show Production.

FB – Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

IS – Kristi House

FB – You have been living in Miami long enough that …

IS – I can drink a cortadito coffee and not get jittery.

FB – What’s Miami’s best kept secret?

IS – Neapolitan pizza at Stanzione 87. It’s a small restaurant, sandwiched between the monster of Brickell City Center and Blackbird. Takes me back to Italy every time I sit and eat my Salami & honey pizza and enjoy a glass of Lambrusco!

FB – The one thing Miami is known for, but you have never visited, experienced, done, eaten?

IS – I think I have done it all – I grew up here!

FB – If you were to move, what would you miss the most of Miami?

IS – The beach, I tell my husband he is allowed to whisk me off anywhere, but I need to be able to smell the ocean every morning! That’s life.

FB – The book on your nightstand?

IS – The Road to Character by David Brooks. A nice little book that shows us how to be better, humbler humans. Isabella Stanzione

FB – A food you can’t resist?

IS – Pasta!

FB – Your signature fragrance?

IS – I love my Acqua di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria. I am obsessed with a good unisex fragrance that is refreshing and light.

FB – Heels or flats?

IS – I am flats girl. I do love my heels, but I consider myself a modern day bohemian, and need to be close to earth, on the ground.

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