Five Questions For: TATIANA LORA

The Ritz-Carlton's director of marketing talks about the secret behind real luxury.

Ritz Carlton executive Tatiana Lora has been named the Area Director of Marketing, today overseeing both media relations and marketing for The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami, The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove properties and the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale properties.

Lora began her career in hospitality in 2010 at The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale before later taking her expertise to both Miami enclaves. The importance of her position today can be measured by the million-dollar marketing budgets. Over the years, she’s been instrumentall in opening Burlock Coast, one of Fort Lauderdale’s most popular dining destinations located within The Ritz-Carlton, as well as overseeing over 15 renovations and launches at the various locations.

The properties Lora oversees draw both visitors from around the globe while also allowing locals to vacation at home. With dining options such as Dune, offering burgers on the beach and Rumbar, offering 85 varieties of rum with a rich mahogany backdrop, and Isabelle’s with its garden terrace not to mention luxurious spa treatments, these properties are oasis of luxury enclaves.

SocialMiami’s Nile Fortner sat down with Lora to discuss what goes into a five-star experience not to mention a 12-year tenure with the leader in travel luxury.

Nile Fortner: “What is your role for Ritz-Carlton and do you do any projects or certain job descriptions most people may not know or realize?”

Tatiana Lora:  I touch every aspect of the hotel, from the packages and travel, to the restaurant, and the spa. Even small things such as photoshoots. We just had a photo shoot the other day for our pool and setting that, style, and a lot of behind the scenes details that people don’t think when they go into marketing.”

NF: How did you prepare and get into this line of work?

TL: I have loved PR and marketing ever since my internship for undergrad and I knew that was my career path. You have to have a passion for marketing and PR because it’s always a lot of moving pieces. Project management is basically the key and essential to the position.”

NF: What makes something luxurious or special?

TL: Personalized service is what makes our hotels luxurious. You can have four walls but you have to make it a home. Amenities can be luxurious but it all starts with personalized service.

NF: What are some things done by Ritz-Carlton that we can incorporate in our own lives that step up our experiences at home that you’d recommend?”

TL: The way we treat our guests is the way we treat each other in the back of the house, with kindness, respect, and teamwork. Even outside of my work I find myself just being gracious like going to the supermarket and being kind, not saying employees but ladies and gentlemen. We do get people asking what kind of beds we have but for me, it goes beyond the product. I think our motto of ‘ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen is something people can adopt for their everyday life.

NF: “Are you currently working on anything new for Ritz Carlton that you’d like to let us know about?”

TL: For Fort Lauderdale, we’re having a pool and meeting space renovation. We’re really excited about that and it’s happening in the summer. Key Biscayne we’re going to be renovating our club lounge and those are some new and exciting projects that are coming down the pipeline.

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