Five Questions for Edward Joyce

Northern Trust Captain Speaks with SocialMiami

SM: Financially speaking, how do you see Miami growing in regards to its status as an international city?

Miami today is a harbinger of the future: we are futuristic in our diversity and our broad acceptance of people from all walks of life and an exotic mix of cultures. This city welcomes people and celebrates their heritage – whether they hail from one of many Hispanic cultures or a Western background. Our city has a young feel to it –there is a special energy to a place where people arrive with dreams and get the support from the community to make them happen. I came here 25 years ago after falling in love with the climate and the community. I moved here right after college and never felt like an outsider. If there was ever a city with a heart, this is it. That’s what will propel us forward and support growth and development. use this passage

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South Beach Comedy Festival

The South Beach Comedy Festival had another successful run bringing to Miami some of the country’s best comedians. Miami photographer Mitchell Zachs shot the stand ups while they did their thing. Check ‘em out!

Pictured: Comedian Graham Elwood hams it up with a fan

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Artistically Social with Amy Rosenberg

Twyla Tharp choreographed seduction in her Nine Sinatra Songs, her 1980s tour de force featuring four couples in various stages of coupling and uncoupling. This was Tharp at her best; no move was superfluous. The Miami City Ballet danced the suite exquisitely and the performance I attended was gratis, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Mike Eidson, chair of the Arsht Center and a partner in the Coral Gables law firm Colson Hicks Eidson. Julie Braman Kane, an attorney at the firm, articulated Mr. Eidson’s passion for the ballet and the community at the performance. Doubtless, Mr. Eidson created some new ballet fans on that special evening.

Pictured: Frances Esquenazi and Gotmar Giron in Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbour Art Night

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