VIDEO: Cultural Conversations

MAM's Peter Boswell Talks Vinyl

The Knight Arts Challenge is back and ready to hear the best ideas from Miami’s artistic community.

Peter Boswell is Sr. Curator, Asst Dir of Programs at the Miami Art Museum (MAM). Under Boswell’s jurisdiction MAM was awarded funds for “The Record” Exhibition.

MAM’s submission read as follows: To enhance an exhibition on the role of art in vinyl record covers, Miami Art Museum will create an outreach series of performance, lectures and other events. “The Record,” to be presented in a 5,000-square-foot gallery and include work in a variety of media, will help the museum make contemporary art more appealing to a younger, music-oriented crowd. Related programs will embrace the range of musical cultures in Miami, from techno to Latin to hip-hop. On-site events will include gallery talks, performances, record swaps and other interactive sessions. The museum will collaborate with clubs, music stores and alternative spaces for off-site events, including DJ performances and artists who use music in their work.

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