Foodie Find: Blue Collar

Blue Collar in MiMo

You better bring your appetite to Blue Collar in the MiMo Arts District. This quaint, bluesy spot is packed-full of soul. An overhead chalkboard with daily specials and unique vegetable dishes is positioned above an open kitchen, and an array of workman-type lunch boxes decorate the wall.

SocialMiami visited Blue Collar for lunch on a rainy South Florida afternoon. We especially enjoyed some of the blue collar metaphoric nuances like the lunch boxes and coffee served in a thermos – how workman chic.

In addition to a consistent, well thought out theme, we found two foodie finds of note.

For an appetizer, we tackled the Shrimp and Grits made with Trugole cheese, Neuske bacon and New Orleans style “BBQ” sauce. This savory dish is polenta-esque, thick in texture and sharp with distinctive flavors. Certainly not the bland breakfast fare some might associate with grits.

For dessert we sampled the Butterscotch Heath Bar Bread Pudding made from challah. Prepared by pastry chef Brian Lombardi, we think that the name says it all.

Considering that we visited Blue Collar during lunch hours, SocialMiami feels that more investigation is needed and reserves the right to cover this establishment again during dinner. Stay tuned.

Blue Collar is located at 6730 Biscayne Blvd in the MiMo Arts District.

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