Foodie Find: The Traymore

The Traymore — located inside the Metropolitan by COMO — is the latest in Miami Beach’s luxurious landscape of lodging. This place has gotten a modern makeover that incorporates the building’s original terrazzo flooring and imposing white columns with contemporary touches, such as globes of hovering light, a sea of crisp white rattan chairs and a long stretch of bar with striking finishes of grey and mirror. There, you can sample over 40 kinds of gin shaken into cocktails with the likes of rosemary and thyme, fresh pear or sweet watermelon nectar.

The menu lists an ocean’s worth of seafood creations by chef Miguel Puelles, a Peruvian chef who’s made headlines for his work at the Mandarin Oriental. Here, he’s roasting Striped Bass with clams, mixing Maine lobster with watermelon radish, and poaching Halibut with sunchokes, broad bean, olives and lemon. Don’t miss the Seafood Plateaus, which is a fresh feast of chilled oysters from both east and west coasts, shrimp, crab, mussels, clams and lobster and – providing the one true promise of Peruvian preparation — a bowl fresh ceviche. Finish it off with crisp sesame cannoli and passion fruit crème.

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