Foodie Find: La Gazzetta

Homemade Mozzarella and Burrata

La Gazzetta — serving homemade but modern Italian fare — is Stephan Fortier’s 21st restaurant and if he’s gotten things right before (at the Astor, to name one success) then he’s absolutely perfected them here. Walk inside and you’ve stepped into the merger for which Miami’s been longing: a New York eatery meets the Seattle drinking establishment. The mix makes for metropolitan all the way, with cozy, red banquettes, rich woods, and a bar that beckons patrons with a mouth-watering selection of champagnes, wines and spirits. The menu, meanwhile, is listed on newsprint – that’s how the place was named – so it can be altered to offer selections that are fresh and seasonal.

Don’t miss anything but if you have to pick, start with the homemade cheese. The mozzarella and burrata are prepared on site and will arrive at your table with your selections of choice: mushrooms, artichoke or bruschetta for vegetarians and prosciutto, sopressata or pata negra for carnivores. The pasta is exceptional, as handmade linguine is topped with black truffles and parmesan-mascarpone cream sauce. The pizzettes, meanwhile, are layered with luxuries such as smoked salmon, lobster, pulled pork or ahi tuna.

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