Foodie Find: Larios on the Beach

The Estefan Cuban Combo

Music mavens Gloria and Emilio Estefan are known for celebrating their Cuban heritage with chart-topping songs and even landmark Florida eateries serving up authentic Caribbean fare. But it’s perhaps lesser known that the songstress comes from a genetic line of culinary masterminds, as her grandfather was chosen to chef for some of Cuba’s most central figures. Gloria, in turn, has inherited the flair for choosing top ingredients and combining them with plated precision.

That’s why she’s had a strong hand in creating the menu at Larios on the Beach. Any of the main meals are sure to satisfy your Cuban-food cravings. But you must start with the Estefan Cuban Combo, which is a table-pleasing platter arriving packed with breaded stuffed potatoes, pork tamale, bacon wrapped maduros (sweet plantains,) traditional croquettes stuffed with ham, chicken and cod fish and all served up with crisp plantain chips to scoop up some homemade black bean hummus. Also order the ceviche, prepared traditionally — but top-notch — with corvine, lime juice, red onions, cilantro and jalapeño peppers.

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