Q&A with Paula Froelich

Deputy Editor of Page Six talks Miami and her upcoming novel

SocialMiami.com’s Allison Weiss Brady interviews Paula Froelich, deputy editor from the NY Post’s famous Page Six gossip column, on Miami and her upcoming book “Mercury in Retrograde”

AWB: Why do you think New Yorkers are so attracted to Miami?

Paula Froelich

Because it’s a two hours flight. Jet Blue is amazing. Miami is easy to get to, warm, and fun. It’s like our Vegas. But unlike Vegas, it’s not a one horse town.

AWB: Rumor has it that you’ve been down here for Art Basel Miami Beach several times and have purchased art work?

Yes, I bought a 7’ x 6’ watercolor by Jennifer Poon at Scope which is hanging in my New York City apartment. When I bought it, I wasn’t sure if it would fit on my wall. It made it, with one inch to spare. I also purchased a crayon and pen image of a green monster very “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired. It’s called “Love.”

AWB: What Miami-based people have you written about in Page Six?

As the Deputy editor for Page Six, I also write items for the column. Recently, we wrote about Fontainebleau owner Jeffrey Soffer and his friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

AWB: What’s the best celebrity scoop you’ve ever received for your column?

There’s been so many! At least once a month I say this is the best scoop I’ve ever gotten. Britney engaged to K-Fed. J. Lo engaged, then pregnant. Halle Berry pregnant. The major engagements and baby scoops. Each month it’s like, oh, my gosh!

AWB: Favorite places to go to in Miami?

The Raleigh to stay. The Gansevoort to stay. Louis at Gansevoort. Anything with New York type service.

AWB: Why should someone visit Miami?

For the art, beach, relaxing. No place where the music is blasting out of the hotel speakers.

AWB: Explain what the name of your new book “Mercury of Retrograde” means?

The last name of one the characters in the book is Mercury. “Mercury of Retrograde” is a term in astrology that means, if anything could mess up, it will…The book is about what happens when you think your life is going one way, and it melts down and goes in the opposite direction. With the support of friends around you, it’s about how you pick yourself up. If you take the other fork in the road, it will work out. The book is coming out on June 2nd. People can pre-order it on Amazon.com, and it will be available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and more in June.

AWB: And to conclude, I’ve heard you are well-versed in the finance industry. Any tips for investing in this current market?

I’m excited about this market. Finance is interesting to me again. It’s was overblown and bloated before. Now it’s separating the weak from the strong. It was Hollywood a bit, the march of the ovines, say something strong enough and people will follow. Anyone with common sense could have told you “we have a problem here with inflated real estate market.” But now there is money to made. It’s a correcting of the market. It was overinflated. It will turn around in a certain bit.

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