Foodie Find: Ms. Cheezious

Grilled Blue & Bacon Sandwich

There was a time when tracking down the beloved Ms. Cheezious food truck was akin to a culinary version of Where’s Waldo. But for the droves of hardcore fans out there, some stability has been added to aid their addiction. In addition to the two trucks that still make stops all around the city (including the weekend stops right outside of Gramps Bar in Wynwood), the grilled cheese favorite finally opened their first brick and mortar restaurant in February.

Located in Miami’s MiMo district, Ms. Cheezious offers the same delicious fare that they’ve built their stellar reputation on, except now the menu is twice as long. Some of the new mouth-watering addditions include the Mackin Melt — which consists of creamy gouda mac n’ cheese with house cured bacon on bread — and for those that prefer sweet to savory, the S’mores Melt: roasted marshmallows, salted chocolate hazelnut spread and graham cracker crumble on sourdough bread.

With a fun, chill vibe that bodes very well with this particular type of comfort food, there are board games on display for customers to play with, as well as a large outdoor patio that closely resembles an old-school picnic hangout — a combination that is utterly infectious and sure to conjure nostalgia.

Crabby Cheese Melt

Ms. Cheezious touts the slogan, “grilled cheese sandwiches like your mom used to make, only not as innocent as mom used to make!” It’s an entirely worthy description. Some of the particular standouts at Ms. Cheezious are the Grilled Blue & Bacon, a sandwich made up of crisp bacon and creamy blue cheese and green onion, and the Crabby Cheese Melt, a combo of fresh made real deal crab salad with sharp cheddar cheese. With deliciously buttered bread that’s grilled to perfection, both sandwiches introduce new and unexpected flavors that were likely missing from the simple grilled cheeses of your childhood, making them the perfect gateway concoctions to introduce you to what Ms. Cheezious is all about.

Ms. Cheezious also offers assorted craft beers and wine, as well as a range of delectable greasy sides to round out your meal, such as four different types of fries (cheese, chili cheese, sweet potato, and regular), tomato soup, and mac n’ cheese. Not so innocent, indeed.

Ms. Cheezious is located at 7418 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

For more information, visit or call 305-989-4019.

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