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Meet Soledad Lowe

Soledad in Viva by Vivia Ferragamo poncho, JBrand leather pants, Stella McCartney shoes, and Helmut Lang t-shirt.
Name: Soledad Lowe

Generation: X

Occupation: FGA Gemologist, Jewelry Designer and Jeweler

FB – What brought you to Miami?

SL – Mainly work and looking for sunny and healthy days for the family!

FB – The charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

SL – Having been in Miami less than two years, I am still hoping to get more involved in local charities.
I’m on the committee for No More Tears, a non-profit organization that aids victims of domestic violence;
His House Children’s Home is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the lives of children from newborn to 18 years of age, offering safe, caring homes to abused, abandoned and neglected children in South Florida;
UNICEF – We have always supported them through different donations and sponsored a child. These children have made a lot of impact in our lives, and it is important for our children as well to see that the world come in different colors;
Red Cross – This is an organization that has had a major impact in my life, and I strongly support it with donations and by attending the Red Cross Charity Ball.
Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) – Core Creative member and recently co-chaired the Supper Club for the annual benefit gala. I believe it’s a museum that means a lot to Miami and its community.

FB – You have been living in Miami long enough that …

Close up: Jewelry of Soledad's own design and Celine bag
SL – I have come to love Miami, respect and promote the city! I also now see the anthropological aspects which are very interesting. (Ed: this is a short synopsis of her wider perspective of the intertwining social strata of Miami, because even the time for a coffee is loaded with her ideas.)

FB – Your Miami’s best kept secret?

SL – Driving is everything here, finding my short cuts that are off the grid…

FB – If you were to move, what would you miss the most about Miami?

SL – People’s happy social energy and the sun!

FB – A food you can’t resist?

SL – Harry’s shrimp lemon pizza.

FB – Heels or flats?

SL – LOVE HEELS! But a good flat is also never wrong.

Soledad is true to her name: a real sunshine brimming of happiness and knowledge, a tough-cookie loving mom of three, anthropologist by nature and gemologist by degree. She has this rare gift of perceiving and appreciating beauty at the raw state that not even an iced latte is cliché with her.

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