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Antrobus + Ramirez

Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez

Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez of Antrobus + Ramirez are best friends. This close relationship makes their business partnership a true labor of love.

Many know Antrobus as an accomplished designer who had garnered much success during the real estate boom. Antrobus was able to continue that success even after the collapse with projects like Ocean House, the luxury condo located South of Fifth in Miami Beach; but when she became pregnant, the demands of raising a baby and continuing a solo career became too much. Luckily, Ramirez was coming off of a stint where she worked internationally in design and was ready to bring that experience back to Miami. The timing was perfect and a partnership was formed.

In a light moment, the duo referred to themselves as “creative shape-shifters” by demonstrating an ability to adapt to whatever a given circumstance demands.

“There is a whole esoteric belief in architecture and design that you have to let the site inform you,” said Antrobus. “I think that’s definitely our strength. We don’t come to a project or client with these predisposed ideas of ‘this is your style and this is how it’s going to be’…we extrapolate from our clients what they imagine.”

Antrobus later continued: “you stay humble. You keep your nose to the ground. You fly low. You do good work and that comes back to you 10 fold.”

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