Ornare Presents Design Talk

Architect Ralph Choeff

Ralph Choeff

Born in New York and educated at the Pratt Institute, architect Ralph Choeff is very excited about Miami architecture, as we learn in this inaugural presentation of Design Talks presented by the luxury Brazilian furniture manufacturer, Ornare. Shot on location at one of the showroom kitchen displays in Ornare’s Miami Design District showroom, we learned why Choeff agrees that Miami is the world’s new and modern city.

“In Miami you have this new movement of modern tropical architecture that you don’t see anywhere else in this country,” he said. “…making the outdoors feel like the indoors and vise-versa … Miami has become very sophisticated in architecture and very discriminating, especially to those that know.”

Choeff goes onto explain how Miami has evolved into one of the more important cities in the world and is the reason why so many renowned architects have been retained to work here. He also enlightens us as to his personal style of architecture and how he uses art in his work, as well as the importance simplicity plays in his designs.

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